Weekly group classes online


5 weeks of theme based classes to support your child learning a language!

Languages: English, French, Spanish
Length: 30-60 minutes
Ages: All

Levels: FUNdamentals/Intermediate/Advanced Same time, same animator for a 5 week session dedicated to a focused theme. Sessions are sorted by level into FUNdamentals/Intermediate/Advanced, always with an amazing Langmobile animator. The benefit of a session is consistency which leads to building confidence and forming meaningful connections by having the same children in the class every week, encouraging friendships.


5 weeks of classes for advanced students with a common passion, where they learn through specific club activities.

Language: English, French
Length: 60-75 minutes
Ages: 7-8, 9-12
Level: Advanced

Book club! Tour Club! Movie club! Clubs are conversation-based and all about learning a topic that interests your child. It is the truest form of immersion. Children will work through a subject for 5 weeks with like minded friends. This type of group builds incredible social skills and has rich conversation guided by a fun loving animator who shares their passion!