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Our approach

English Immersion

Langmobile teaches through an immersion based approach. At camp, we speak solely in English with our students!
Our method is a pathway that creates an immersive environment through games, discovery activities, fitness and genuine connection between the animators and the children.

Our focus on small-groups is key to establishing a quality service. We see language as a tool of communication and connection & we are dedicated to accompanying your children on their language learning journey!
Learning languages enables us to express ourselves!

Learning through Discovery

Learning through discovery based activities allows students to connect to a new language through hands-on exploration. We know that this approach enables children to be free and curious towards the language, without having to worry about memorization.


Learning through Movement

Learning through movement based activities encourages enthusiasm and engagement about learning a new language. We know that with this approach children will not only retain more, they will naturally develop positive attitude.

Full Day. Full Smile

When children participate in our programs, they explore a wide variety of techniques and approaches through play, interaction, and discovery-based learning.


Camp Availability

Registration has now begun!

It is with great pleasure that we welcome new & returning families for Summer Camp 2023!

We look forward to a  fun filled summer full of laughter and learning. See you soon!


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