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Teaching language’s is brighter and more colorful than ever!

In 2013 we changed our look. Not that the old look needed changing but we believe in change and evolution. That is why we decided to take our method teaching languages on the road in 2002 when we, the creators, started the company.

But some things have not changed, Langmobile continues to provide Yoga, Gym, Music and Language workshops to daycares in Montreal and surrounding areas. We love teaching children and continuously designing programs that entertain and educate young minds.

If you are local, find out more about our services at the Langmobile Learning Center in Saint lambert.

Cours d’anglais pour les enfants!

Preschool (Préscolaire)

Saturday classes (Cours d’anglais du samedi)

Summer Camp (Camp du jour Trois Rivieres, Saint Lambert, Saint Bruno )

Back to the new: Langmobile goes global with our language learning method! We will bringing the Langmobile method to you by innovative means of technology: Kids learning langugaes with Langmobile OUR APP

Kids learning languages with Langmobile, available on i-Tunes and Google play

We are excited to announce we are launching digital learning products: videos, music, and activities you can enjoy at home with your children and  learning  a first, second, or even third language in a fun and exciting way.

Stay tuned in !  We will be  releasing a series of FREE  language learning mini-clip with all new character to entertain and teach you!  English, French, Italian  and Spanish !

Child listening to a teacher on a screen
Happy teenager