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Super Summer Camps for children at any level of English. Children learn when participating in activities they enjoy doing. We make that happen every day through immersion! Registration opens January 8, 2024! Get ready for Summer Camp 2024! Register below and be added to our priority list.

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At Langmobile camps, we offer children an immersive environment in English. Children assimilate a language easily when participating in activities they are passionate about, so our primary goal is to provide the most fun camp environment possible! 

As a member of the Association des Camps du Québec, Langmobile makes sure to follow the health measures recommended by the government and the ACQ to the letter.

Proud member of Association des camps du Québec


"Great team of animators, really interesting activities that make learning English easier! My daughter did 2 weeks last summer and we are going back 2 more weeks this summer. It makes a big difference in her knowledge of English. I 100% recommend Langmobile. "
I just wanted to take a few minutes to express the gratitude I have as a parent, knowing that my son is spending his days at Langmobile Camp located at the College Trinité in St Bruno. The No1 reason is he simply loves being at camp because he feels he is loved and appreciated. He has expressed over and over how the programs are really fun and inclusive.
"My three children have spent several weeks at this camp over the past few years. Warm atmosphere with the safest supervision. I highly recommend this camp."

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