1,2,3 Summer Camp Blast Off! 

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Summer camp? Let’s be honest; we’re not just a summer camp.

We’re a language school with an exceptional summer program, driven by the belief that ALL children have the right to learn languages. Our commitment to providing a unique and impactful experience sets us apart from traditional summer camps.

Distinctive Features That Make Us Stand Out:

Small Locations and Group Sizes:

We keep our camp size between 60-80 kids a day, allowing us to focus on the learning value without the distractions of a larger camp.

Small group sizes ensure personalized attention, allowing us to truly concentrate on each child’s English learning journey.

Quality Programming:

With a long-standing presence in language education, our teachers work year-round, reaching children in daycares, schools, private settings, and online classes.

Our original and proven program is unique to LANGMOBILE, ensuring a robust and effective learning experience.

The 5 Principles of Our Summer Program:

1. An Amazing Team: Every team member is trained not just in camp activities but also in teaching English to children of all ages and levels.

2. Creating a Routine: Recognizing that learning a second language can be challenging, we establish a daily routine that eases comprehension stress. Children come to know what to expect through their day with Routine activities and repetition.

Day In The Life:

7:30-9:00 Before care

9:00-9:20 Rally Activity

9:20-12:00 Group Time!

12:00-1:30 Lunch

1:30-3:45 Group Time!

4:00-4:15 Departure

4:15-6:00 After care

*Two days a week, camps will animate Water Day in either a morning or afternoon block.

3. Discovery-Based Activities: Engaging in discovery-based learning transforms language learning into a journey of self-expression, collaboration, and creativity. By encouraging hands-on exploration, we pave the way for natural language unfolding.

4. Movement-Based Activities: Movement aligns seamlessly with a child’s innate desire for active learning, making every day an opportunity for linguistic growth while influencing stress levels positively.

5. Tons of FUN!!!

Program Differentiation for 4-6 and 7-14 Age Groups

Fun Weekly Themes for 4-6:

Our 2024 program for younger learners revolves around fun weekly themes, offering an Original Activity Book to complement each theme for discovery time with animators.

  • June 25-June 28: Everyday at the museum 🖼️
  • July 2-July 5: Well, it’s about Time 🛎️
  • July 8-July 12: Around the World in a Paper Cup ♼
  • July 15-July 19: Book Worms🐛
  • July 22-July 26: Say What? Everything, Everywhere About Anything 🦜
  • July 29 – August 2: I Am So What Are You? 😎

Specialty Activities for 7-14:

Our program for older learners focuses on specialties, incorporating the CLIL method (Content and Language Integrated Learning). Weekly activity books complement each specialty for discovery time.

Summer program - Hip hop dance Englsih

  • 🎭 Theatre and Improv
  • 🎙️Kids Cast
  • 💥Groove and learn Hip Hop Dance Club
  • 🤓Science and Art Extravaganza
  • 🐳Water world Wonders
  • 📷Junior photographers
  • 🏋🏽‍♀️Strength Club and Team Sports
  • 😋Fun Foodies

*Specialties may vary due to location

Summer camp pod casting with kids learning Englsih







Our Immersive Approach:

At Langmobile, we proudly embrace an immersive language education approach, creating an environment where learning thrives through engaging activities. We recognize that children learn best when meaningful connections are formed. Our commitment to small groups allows our teachers to build individual connections, providing a high-quality learning experience.

Our Ultimate Goals:

  • Keep Kids Safe:
  • Safety is our top priority throughout the summer program.
  • Honor Your Trust: We deeply appreciate the trust you place in us for your child’s education.
  • Build Confidence: Our unwavering commitment is to build confidence in every child while making language learning an absolute delight!

In essence, we are not just a summer camp; we are a language journey, unlocking linguistic wonders one adventure at a time. Join us this summer – Look for a camp near you!

Langmobile Summer Locations

Not near by? No worries join us on line – have a look here for all our Amazing Online programming where we take our winning LANGMOBILE method and bring them to your child in the comfort of your own home!

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