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Our Daycare Workshops provide a wide variety of engaging activities designed to ignite children's curiosity and encourage active participation in your daycare setting. Our specialty is crafting these workshops to create an optimal environment for language learning.
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The children learn through familiar themes and easy integration of the engaging melodies and lyrics of Langmobile’s original songs. Physical expression, mime, crafts and repetition of vocabulary are integrated throughout all the songs and activities.

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We bring learning to life through familiar and relatable themes. Our approach emphasizes original melodies and physical expression, incorporating frequent repetition of vocabulary across all songs and activities. This dynamic combination ensures that language learning is both fun and highly effective.

All daycare animation is available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic or Mandarin.

*All of our programs are dynamic and animated by trained, enthusiastic animators who absolutely love working with children!

Learning Language

Through play and engagement, children will unlock the power of languages. Our language workshops are visually stimulating and discovery based. Dancing + singing + imagination = a winning formula for these classic Langmobile workshops.


Through a combination of poses and storytelling, we introduce children to yoga.  Yoga for kids
promotes the development of balance, strength and flexibility, while also nurturing mindfulness and connection with others.


Through movement, our preschool-age gym activities promote strength, coordination, flexibility, and team spirit. Our engaging fitness routines help kids channel their energy, laying the foundation for a lifelong understanding of health and fitness.


Through play we encourage the discovery of different instruments and musical styles from around the world. Children will discover the joy of music.
Music workshops for preschool-age kids enhance cognitive, social and creative development.


Through jumping, dancing, shaking and moving freely, our super fun Zumba for kids is a fantastic tool to expend energy and encourage the development of coordination and flexibility!

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