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We offer multiple activities that will spark the curiosity and stimulate the children in your daycare environment. We specialize in building these workshops for a second language learning environment!
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The children learn through familiar themes and easy integration of the engaging melodies and lyrics of Langmobile’s original songs. Physical expression, mime, crafts and repetition of vocabulary are integrated throughout all the songs and activities.

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All workshops can be offered in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic or Mandarin.


We introduce yoga to children through different stances and fun activities. Yoga is a good way to connect with our body and mind, as well as with each other. They’ll be in a better mood and more focused for the rest of the day!


Through movement we help children develop healthy habits! Coordination, flexibility, and especially team spirit! The children learn to channel their energy through lots of fun exercises. They’ll be in a better mood and more focused for the rest of the day!


We introduce children to music through our original songs! They’ll discover different instruments and music styles from around the world. Children can develop a whole other means of communication through music. It triggers their senses and their enthusiasm!


We introduce zumba to children through different dances and fun activities. Zumba is a good way to spend energy, feel good in our body and have fun. They’ll be in a better mood and smile for the rest of the day!


We introduce children to a new language through fun activities adapted to their group of age. The focus is on discovery!

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