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Teach Children Differently

At Langmobile, we teach languages through connection, fun and passion.

We are looking for people who want to make a difference in the lives of children.

Looking for an exciting new career?

We are currently seeking to fill the following positions:

Daycare Preschool Animator – You would be offered a contract in a daycare with children 18 months to 5 years old, animating that workshop once a week with a minimum of 2 hours work, with the possibility of working up to 5 mornings a week if you are available. Our programming is original and creative, structured to encourage a desire for learning and FUN! We are particularly interested in candidates who can teach languages, yoga, music and gym.

After School Language Animator – You would be offered a contract in a school with children aged 4 to 12. You would animate that workshop once a week with a minimum of 2 hours work either at lunch time or after school. What’s the potential? You could work 5 afternoons a week if you are available. We are seeking candidates to teach English, French and/or Spanish.

Online Teacher – You would work with groups or private, one on one classes with children aged 4 to 12 or with adults. Classes would be assigned to you depending on your availability. What’s the potential? You could work everyday!

Opportunities for seasonal employment, June – August

Summer Camp Coordinator– Responsible for managing multiple camps and their day to day operations.

Summer Camp Supervisor– Responsible for supervising one camp location and its daily operations.

Summer Camp Counsellor– Responsible for a group of ten children at one camp location.

Summer Camp Assistant– Responsible for various tasks that contribute to the general well being of camp staff and campers.

Opportunities for seasonal employment September – May

Saturday Class Supervisor– Responsible for managing one Saturday class location and supervising the days operation.

Saturday Class Animator– Responsible for one group of ten children.

What we expect from you

  • A true love for children.
  • Flexibility- working with kids can be unpredictable
  • Education or training in programs supporting kids activities
  • The ability to create a secure and creative environment that encourages the desire for learning for all those who are participating in our program.
  • Experience teaching children and preferably experience with Langmobile programs
  • Strong organizational skills
  • An understanding of technology
  • Dependable
  • The ability and willingness to be extremely silly and open
  • Innate creativity and resourcefulness
  • The desire to have a lot of FUN!!

What can you expect from Langmobile?

  • Complete introduction to our material
  • Encouragement and support to express your creative talents
  • A great work environment
  • Opportunities to work online or in-person
  • An opportunity to learn and make a difference in the lives of children!

Our Process

Take the time to learn about us and evaluate if we are the right fit for you. Still interested?

Additionally, we offer on-site observations where you can see for yourself how the job works and if it is something you would like to do.

It is important to clarify that our process provides us the forum to adequately evaluate whether or not candidates have the specific qualifications we are in search of. There are no guarantees that this process will lead to a contract or employment.

***LANGMOBILE Online Teachers, Daycare and After School Animators are contractors. This means that you would not be an employee of Langmobile and as such you would be responsible for invoicing for your services. A full explanation of this will be provided at our orientation and onboarding sessions.

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