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Research consistently supports the advantages of private language lessons for children.

One-on-one instruction provides a personalized learning environment, allowing our animators to adapt to your child’s unique needs and learning pace. Research also supports that children receiving private language lessons tend to show significant progress in language acquisition, increased confidence, and enhanced retention of language skills.

Additionally, the tailored content and individualized attention in private lessons make the learning process more engaging and enjoyable for young learners. In our experience, this approach boosts motivation and promotes a positive attitude toward language learning. Meaningful relationships lead to meaningful moments which lead to meaningful learning!



“My daughter took private lessons with Anna. What a pleasure to hear her speak with ease in English! She gained a lot of confidence. This was reflected in her lessons at school and she was even accepted into an intensive English program for the next school year. At home and in everyday life, she easily switches from English to French. It is very nice to see the progress she has made."
“Our two children aged 8 and 10 have benefited enormously from Langmobile. It was very playful, in the form of a game, and very spontaneous. The teachers easily adapted to the children's needs and preferences. Quickly they gained confidence, and they are much more comfortable speaking in English. Our daughter is now in Intensive English at school! "
“I am so satisfied with Langmobile that I have recommended it to those around me. This school saved our lives during the pandemic, when everything was closed and there was no more activity to do. Since my daughter has been taking English and Spanish lessons, she has made a lot of progress in these two languages. She loves interacting with her teachers. Also, the administrative staff is very courteous and proactive. Bravo Langmobile and thank you for giving our children the chance to open up to the world from a young age!"

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