Learning French as a Second Language – The Best Way!

Education By Rianna Gurevitch
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My name is Rianna, I am one of the online English teachers at Langmobile and here’s my story of how I learned to speak French as a second language! 

I was born in Montreal, which allowed me to surround myself with both English and French. However, my family only spoke English at home and all my friends spoke English too. I’ve only gone to English schools my whole life so learning to read, write and speak a second language was difficult. 

However, I’m very lucky to have grown up in a bilingual environment. It made learning a second language so much easier! As a child, I didn’t understand the importance of knowing more than one language.

Knowing French and English has allowed me to connect with so many more people than I ever would have if I only knew one language. 

Besides being born in Montreal, what helped me get out of my comfort zone with the language was asking my friends and family to speak to me in French. It wasn’t difficult for me to pick up the language, I was just never confident enough in myself to speak it with other people.

The most important thing I learned is to always try your best and allow yourself to make mistakes. Also, have fun with it! It was enjoyable for me because I did it with the people I like spending time with. 

Here is a great article from Cambridge University on how learning a second language changes our brains!

Knowing more than one language can lead to wonderful things but you need to have the courage to start! 

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