Play • Engage • Learn

Drop- in Classes ages 3-4:
Languages: English, French, Spanish, Mandarin
Length: 30 minutes

These discovery-based classes are specifically designed to engage little language learners through fun activities such as stories, games, and songs.
Our unique Langmobile method is 100% immersion with a focus on discovering a new language with a live teacher through PLAY!
For children in this age group, play is the ideal instrument to explore and understand a new language. Repetition is very beneficial, yet every class is different.
Drop- in Classes ages 5-15:
Languages: English, French, Spanish, Mandarin
Length: 45 minutes

Anytime, anywhere!
The benefit of our Drop-in Classes is pure convenience.
Super fun theme based classes where we use the child's existing knowledge of familiar themes to bring out the learning value!
These classes are sorted by level: FUNdamentals/intermediate/advanced. Always with an amazing Langmobile animator. We love Drop-in Classes because they create a connection and help a child's social skills skyrocket by using interactive games/activities.
Our super cool original Langmobile content makes every class different!
Drop-in anytime :)

Which language would you like to learn?