The 15 Best Songs for Learning English Summer 2023!

Family By Jess Thodas
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Summer is almost here!

You know what that means: sun, relaxation, and good music. To kick off your summer right, here are 15 summer songs that just fit that warm vibe. 

If you are new to English or English is your second language, these songs are also a great way to practice English throughout the summer without feeling like you are doing homework. After each song, I have included some English vocabulary that is included in that song. To enrich your learning experience, I suggest listening to the songs with the lyrics the first few times and looking up any unfamiliar words so you can sing along with these songs all summer long!


1.  “Calm Down” by Rema (2022)

English vocabulary from this song: calm down, lockdown, heart, love, leave, and pain. 

2. “Cruel Summer”  by Taylor Swift (2019)

English vocabulary from this song: cruel summer, fever dream, the quiet of the night, shiny, bought, devils, angels, vending machine, trying times, headlights, and breakable. 

3. “Grapejuice”  by Harry Styles (2022)

English vocabulary from this song: sunny afternoon, flowers, perfect, garden, and grape juice. 

4. “Ghost of Chicago” by Noah Floersch (2023)

English vocabulary: found, morning coffee, ghost, married, fountain, haunted, and tomorrow. 

5. “Midnight” by Toby Sebastian featuring Florence Pugh (2021)

English vocabulary: dance, midnight, waiting, fool, perfume, crazy, wrong, trying, and night. 

6. “As It Was” by Harry Styles (2022)

English vocabulary: gravity, replaced, the palm of your hand, phone, alone, world, and home. 

7. “Soldier, Poet, King” by The Oh Hellos (2015)

English vocabulary: soldier, mighty sword, city, poet, ruler, weapon, and thorn. 

8. “Heaven” by Niall Horan (2023)

English vocabulary: strange, light, float, touch, complicated, human, revelations, adore you, believe, and heaven.

9.  “Would That I” by Hozier (2019)

English vocabulary: branch, dabbled, withdraw, weeping, tonight, war, ash, consumed, blinding, licked, ember, and blink. 

10.   “Hard Times” by Paramore (2017)

English vocabulary: hole in the ground, hard times, laugh, cry, rain cloud, lightning, alive, and survive. 

11.  Peachesby Justin Bieber featuring Daniel Caesar (2021)

English vocabulary: peaches, north, texture, breathe, souvenirs, and baggage. 

12. “Anti-Hero” by Taylor Swift (2022)

English vocabulary: anti-hero, midnight, afternoon, wiser, graveyard shift, scheming, tea time, mirror, and exhausting.

13.  “Until I Found You” by Stephen Sanchez (2022)

English vocabulary: fall in love, darkness, and found you.

14. “Eyes Closed” by Ed Sheeran (2023)

English vocabulary: February, lump in my throat, eyes closed, delusions, and dancing. 

15. “Golden Hour” by JVKE (2022)

English vocabulary: skies, childish, radiant, golden hour, and solar panel.


One of the most efficient ways to advance in language learning is to practice! Music is one of the easiest & fun ways to make learning fun. It is easy to be engaged if you enjoy the music!

Try your best to sing along with your littles ones, it can go a long way!


Let’s have the best summer ever!


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