5 Amazing Yoga Practices for Children

Activity By Jess Thodas
amazing yoga practice for kids

Yoga is a practice that is great for all ages!

Yoga is a great way to manage stress, strengthen and exercise your body. People of all ages can benefit from learning how to regulate their emotions and calm their stress. It is also a great tool for at-home exercise to strengthen your body, & especially beneficial for children, so here are five engaging yoga practices to introduce your child to the many benefits of this long lasting tradition!

Location: YouTube (Smile & Learn – English) Time: 6min05

This short practice introduces children to four fun postures with an ocean theme. This practice will keep your child engaged in the practice and give them a fun and easy introduction to yoga. 

Location: YouTube (Scracth Garden) Time: 5min35

This video is another practice led by a salamander illustration. This follows more of a conventional flow structure while keeping children engaged through the illustrations and the speaker’s imaginative narration. This short practice will introduce your child to a flow structure while keeping them engaged. 

Location: YouTube (yogapalooza with bari koral)  Time: 2min34

This practice contains a few poses to do with a song and video. While this practice is interactive, the soothing melody of the song can help calm your child down. I like to use this short practice to transition into calmer or quieter activities to help calm the body and mind.

Location: YouTube (StoryHive) Time: 25 minutes

This video is a longer practice led by an experienced teacher with two young students with her. In this video, your child will experience a longer routine led by an instructor who makes the poses fun and has children so your child can see what their pose might look like for someone closer to their age. This video is a great way to get a fuller experience.

Location: YouTube (Cosmic Kids) Time: 35 minutes23

Despite this being quite a long practice for children, the instructor is excellent at keeping the children engaged with her imaginative narration, enthusiastic speech, and the video’s illustrations. She has many different practices with fun themes,  this is a great one for summer!


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