5 fun zero preparation family Christmas day activities

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Christmas tree…check! Food menu…check! Activities…we are here to help! Here are 5 fun zero preparation family holiday activities to do on Christmas day, using things you can find around the house. 

  1. Make dough ornaments – We love these ones to fill your house with the scent of cinnamon! All you need is cinnamon, unsweetened applesauce, white glue, a rolling pin, a mason jar or cup, a straw, and some sprigs from the Christmas tree. 
  2. Bake and decorate sugar cookies – This activity is a classic for a reason. It brings the whole family together! Choose an easy family recipe using simple ingredients from the pantry. RecipeTin Eats, Cooking with my kids, and  One little Project have some great ones to get you started!
  3. Play a “family sized” game – Have each member of the family to be the pieces in a game you already know and love. If your family shares memories of playing “hungry hungry hippo”, for instance, take turns lying on the floor to collect objects with a wastepaper basket.
  4. Exchange stories – Share your favorite memories from times you’ve spent together. Christmas is a great time of year to reminisce about the past, and exchange stories. Give your family the gift of quality time…and shhh….it requires  zero preparation for you! What a perfect opportunity to bring out old photo books and share a laugh! Remember when bell bottoms were in style!? 
  5. Have a scavenger hunt – Set up a scavenger hunt directing those you love to objects around the house. Write clues and riddles for each object, and have fun personalizing your hints. If your child is learning English/French this is a great opportunity to have fun with the language and teach your child something new! Feel free to take inspiration from our post, epic scavenger hunt *lint to the epic scavenger hunt blog post!
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