5 Questions for Successful Kids

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successful kids do well with diversity in learning

Successful kids, we all want them but here is the trick, define success.

A lot of us parents get harnessed into the global concept of successful kids without giving it much thought.

Being successful today can mean so many things and it can be highly influenced by your family culture and your perspective on the world culture.

Is it Money? Love?  Socio-economic status? Peace? Social Skills? Relationships? – There are many elements to consider but only you can determine which really matter in your life.

Challenge number 1: Define ”successful kids” and what it means to you.

My thoughts on this is that it starts from us as parents. We need to be successful parents.  I have raised 2 children I humbly admit that there is no formula. We just need to be conscious of always trying to simply know better so that we can do better.

Challenge number 2: Define ”successful parenting” and what it means for you.

Here are 5 questions to ask yourself for successful kids:

  1. How are your Social Skills? What do you want social skills to mean to your child?
  2. Do you have high hopes for your child and yourself?  Studies prove that setting high expectations are essential in building self-esteem. As long as the expectations are realistic and age appropriate.
  3. Are you stressed out? Giving thought to your coping skills will allow you to be conscious of the coping skills you give your child.
  4. How do you feel about quality time with your children?
  5. Are you a life time learner or a teacher? You may find yourself more one than the other but to be a conscious parent I believe you need balance between the two.

These few questions by no means are the key to conscious parenting but they can be a start.

Parenting is about the relationship you have with your child. I believe the key to any relationship working, in this very messy world of ours, is SELF REFLECTION. You cannot give what you don’t have.

Awareness is the first step


What is the right age to learn another language?

It our opinion at Langmobile we think it is NEVER too young to start exposing your children to a foreign language.  We have services for children that are 6 months old in daycares and preschools. Our English immersion summer camp invites children to participate 4-14 years old.  If you are unable to participate in our services you can still enjoy the Langmobile method at home by downloading  Kids Learning Languages on iTunes. It is free for a limited time!

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