6 Amazing Songs for your Child to Learn English!

Education By Jess Thodas
petit enfant au cheveux frisés en train de jouer une chanson sur la guitare avec arrière plan jaune

Listening to songs are a great way to learn new words.

English beginners have so many new words to learn. All this new vocabulary requires a lot of repetition for your child to remember them. Songs are a fun way to help speed up this learning process, encouraging your child to practice, repeat and eventually learn their new vocabulary. Here are six awesome songs to sing with your child to learn beginner vocabulary. 


Learning the alphabet is important for all English beginners, but the commonly used alphabet tune can get boring and does not teach your child letter sounds. This animal alphabet rock is so much fun and incredibly educational! This piece goes through each letter, its sound and an animal that starts with that same letter. Your child will learn their letters, sounds, and animals while getting to sing and dance the whole time!


This goes through the colours of the rainbow while showing things in the world that are those colours. The colours are repeated multiple times throughout the tune. So, your child will get to learn their colours through a very catchy beat!


This goes through the numbers from 1 to 20, repeating them three times and going faster each time. This repetition will help your child memorize the numbers, while the speed increase makes it a fun challenge to keep your child engaged.  


This counts from 1 to 100, with cute cartoon characters dancing on the side of the video. Counting from 1 to 100 can get tedious, but this beat makes it fun, and if you and your child follow along with the dances, it is even better!


This goes through the days of the week multiple times, getting increasingly faster. The repetition will help your child learn the days of the week faster, while the speed increase will keep them challenged and engaged once they start catching on to the days of the week vocabulary.


This  will teach your child a basic greeting. Since most ESL teachers start class this way, and most conversations start this way, learning these greetings is important, and the beat will help your child learn them in a fun and easy way!


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