8 Fun and Easy Ways to Practice Speaking English

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Want to practice speaking English with your family? Here are 8 fun and easy ways to boost your English speaking practice!

1. Go exploring

Visit a park, museum, gallery, or store. Try to name as many things as you can in English. Better yet, try putting them in a sentence. For example, “I see a squirrel.” “The children are playing on the grass.”

Write down the words that you don’t know and look them up later.

2. Sing karaoke

Listening to music is a great way to learn English. Singing along to music is an even better way! There are a variety of karaoke machines available online and at electronics stores like Best Buy. They make for fun family gatherings and memorable kids’ parties.

3. Read an English book out loud.

Practise reading your favourite English book out loud. Check out this great list of English-language books.

How many have you read?

4. Watch TV or a movie.

Watching TV and movies is a great way to learn everyday (slang) English, rather than textbook English. TV and movies can help put words in context and teach us how to use and pronounce words. Watching British, Australian, and North American films is a great way to familiarize yourself with different English accents.

5. Narrate a sporting event.

Pretend you’re a sportscaster reporting live. In English, provide a play-by-play and describe everything that happens in the game.

6. Play a board game in English.

Practise English by playing a board game that you already know the rules of. This is a great activity to do at home or at a local spot. Cafés like La Récréation are stocked with board games.

7. Cook up a new recipe.

Buy an English-language cookbook to try out weekly recipes, or search online for recipes in English. Practise reading aloud the step-by-step instructions.

8. See an English-language play

Montreal is filled with independent theatre groups and companies. Centaur Theatre is a performing arts centre for English-language plays. On select Saturday mornings, they run a children’s series where families can enjoy affordable theatre and live performances.
Happy chatting!

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