Online Language Teachers: 5 traits to find the best one

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child sitting on couch with arms crossed waiting for virutal teacher

Finding the right online language teacher for your child determines if they’ll develop an interest in what they’re learning, and if they’ll have fun and exciting takeaways from their experience! 

This article covers the character traits to look for when choosing a virtual teacher.

  1. Sensitive – They view their students as individuals and feel lucky to be able to encourage their growth. They are compassionately looking for ways they can collaborate with your child to be the most confident speakers they can be. 
  2. Hardworking – Their resume reflects their need to continuously improve as an educator. They have experience working with students your child’s age, and are always looking for ways to be better. 
  3. Passionate -They understand that they lead by example, and their passion is infectious. They give children a reason to get excited about virtual classes. 
  4. Flexible – They’re able to read the individual needs of their students. They adjust and adapt as they teach, to maintain the excitement and motivation that they’ve built with your child. 
  5. Prepared – They’ve acknowledged the limitations of teaching online, and came up with solutions to fix them. For a young learner this may look like colorful and big props, or lots of music. For older learners this may look like a series of strategically timed activities that build on one another. 

Here is a quick reference guide of the teaching qualities that will come in handy when making your final decision on which online learning language teacher to pick. Although these are some important factors when assessing an online language teacher, every child is unique! At the end of the day the most important question is…what does your child value?

Child listening to a teacher on a screen
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