Growing up in a bilingual home – the best way to learn!

Education By Leeah Collins
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I was raised in a bilingual household and became an expert in the art of spanglish at an
early age, so here’s a glimpse into my experience !

Before I was bilingual, in the early stages of learning how to communicate using words that didn’t only sound like comic book sound effects, I found it very helpful to have had a reference for both English and Spanish.

Since I can remember, my mother has always spoken to me in Spanish and my father in English – This was an essential learning tool for me as I had lots of scrambled words and phrases, so this method allowed me to expand, learn and comprehend both languages

I was born and raised in Mexico so my family decided to introduce me to English first, as I would surely learn Spanish through my surroundings. As a child I was always interested in music and how one song could say what a thousand words could not. I spent many hours listening to and writing down lyrics in English, learning new words and expressions along the way- and most importantly, having fun

I am now using the same method to learn French: Through music, films, art, games and lots of repetition!

My advice for little ones and adults of all ages learning a second or third language is to find a fun way to learn and express oneself through activities that interest them.

Language is such an important part of connecting with people.

Having the tools to communicate in more than one language is a wonderful gift to give ourselves, our little ones and anyone we can!


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