How do you talk to your baby?

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Do you talk to your baby in baby talk or normal conversation?

Talking to your baby, we all know is one of the number one things paediatricians and psychologist say to do, BUT, is baby talk the way to do it?

Goo goo and gaa gaa Couchie coo…what does any of that mean to your baby?

Well actually, in my opinion, it means nothing other than working to create a bond and make sounds in a way that your baby can FEEL what you are saying emotionally which in essence means everything.

For example-the higher the pitch the more excited your baby may feel by the sound and vibration – the lower the pitch the more connected your baby may feel to you.

The happier the baby talk, goo goo and gaaa,  the happier your baby will be.

Some research does shows that speaking normally to your baby is the best way to go about development of the brain. Other research says it doesn’t really matter. That at infant stage development, it all sounds emotional.  It is in the emotion and bonding that your baby is drawing benefit from. I read an article, Baby talk we might be doing it wrong! that provoked me to give thought enough to write a blog on the subject.

This article review a study published in Pediatrics, researchers set out to determine variations in verbal communication between parents and their babies based on both the child’s gender and the parent’s gender. It is a very interesting read as to how Mom and Dads interact with their babies.

The fact that you start to talking  to your baby while they are still in the womb means that you are creating a bond.

So whether it is talking to your baby or baby talk: keep doing it because it creates a bond between you and your baby. With out question, it greatly contributes to the development of the brain. The more  the better. Because as the mother of a teenage 15 year old boy and 22 year old girl, I can attest to the fact that as they get older the less they like to talk and we consider ourselves lucky if they talk to us at all.

I am the creator of a company that is dedicated to teaching children languages, therefore,  the development of language is something very interesting to me. Langmobile is dedicated to understanding the importance of  understanding how baby talk , sounds, emotions all contribute to the development of the brain of your baby. Our method is to encourage bonding, we want t create meaningful experiences in our programs that children can attach to and enjoy the process of learning.


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