It is all about the journey not the destination

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We believe that children need to be shown that life is a journey. The destination is almost irrelevant. Teaching a child that life is a journey is a gift that is timeless and priceless.

How do you do that? There is really only one way and that is to live in the present moment. The appreciation that all life’s moments are precious is the key.

Here are 5 ways we want to share with you that we have come to appreciate as ways to appreciate life’s journey.

1. Walk with your child  and suddenly stop and stand as still as possible and listen.

2. Cook with your child and suddenly stop and smell the food in your hands

3. Read with your child and suddenly stop and say I love you

4. Play a game with your child that encourages them to hold an object and describe it in detail- How does it feel?

5. Play charades with your child and mime emotions that are connected to experiences you have had.

Yes, Life is a journey and telling your child that from the beginning is a brilliant way to prepare them for what the word has to offer.  I would also suggest enrolling your child in meaningful activities. Learning a second language is a great way to teach a child that life is a journey. It can give them the confidence to travel, meet other people and not be inhibited by language barriers.

At Langmobile summer camp we train our staff to remember that Life is a journey and the children in our care are learning that lesson and we must set an example of how every moment is about learning.

Langmobile has always had the approach that creating meaningful experiences is the key to learning. We have woven that method into all our programs from preschool to summer camp.

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