Language Acquisition for Kids – Making it Fun!

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Do you believe that Language acquisition for kids should be fun or is it your belief that language is learned word-by-word and therefore it is effective to drill children on their vocabulary? 

Well, at Langmobile we believe in FUN!

We believe that Language acquisition for kids  is an ongoing process, not an end result.  It is about communication and is the result of meaningful interaction with others.  That is, competency and fluency develop by speaking the language, not by memorizing isolated rules and vocabulary.  A student could, after all, memorize the Latin dictionary but not be able to introduce herself in Latin because she has never had the opportunity to use it.  High levels of proficiency come from having a functional use for a language in daily life.

Language acquisition for kids is our business!

Our services, Saturday classes, Langmobile summer camp, Preschool, Daycare and private services harness a  fun and engaging environment. From there, we provide our students  with the opportunity to interact with English in a simulated English environment.

We do not focus on lists of words or grammatical rules – our students are exposed to a new language while otherwise engaged (specifically, while having a LOT of fun!).  We cultivate an interest and an open-mindedness towards learning English as a second language, as opposed to presenting it as a task in a potential pass-fail scenario.  We believe that competency improves as children are exposed to English and are given the chance to express themselves and engage creatively with the language in an intuitive way.

What is the right age to learn another language?

It our opinion at Langmobile we think it is NEVER too young to start exposing your children to a foreign language.  We have services for children that are 6 months old in daycares and preschools. Our English immersion summer camp invites children to participate 4-14 years old.  If you are unable to participate in our services you can still enjoy the Langmobile method at home by downloading Kids Learning Languages on iTunes it is free for a limited time!

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