More than just an English Immersion Summer Camp

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More than just an English Immersion Summer Camp Plus qu'un simple camp d'été d'immersion en anglais

Good morning everyone!! My name is Meagan Hawes and I am 22 years old. I am writing to you from Langmobile 2015.

My history behind Langmobile:

When I first started to work at Langmobile I was 14 years old. I was quiet, shy and scared but I learned to open myself a bit and then I got used to the camp. I have been very fortunate to make good friends here. Like Zoe the coordinator for 2014 in the blue shirt  Adam, Josh and Nikita. These are members of the Langmobile team that have been working at summer camp like me for a few years.  I enjoy working at Langmobile and have worked in a variety of different positions that have allowed me to challenge my limitations and grow as a person. I am now writing blogs for Langmobile which I love because I love to write.

 What is Langmobile you ask?

We offer a way for children to learn English in an environment that is safe, entertaining and educational. It is through fun activities that kids  are exposed to English and acquire the language naturally. Our summer camps are located in St. Lambert, St. Bruno and through a variety of partnerships on the South Shore of Montreal.

Langmobile is an English Immersion summer camp that has been running for 13 years on the South Shore in Saint Lambert and Saint Bruno. Langmobile opens a lot of doors for kids to feel welcomed and to feel safe. This camp allows kids to learn English and to try every day  to  become more and more comfortable within an English environment. We try to encourage them to be the best they can be at Langmobile.

Langmobile summer camp is about more then just teaching English to kids. Langmobile teaches kids  to respect others, to learn to be fair, to be kind, and to be gentle with one another.

We are more than just a English Immersion summer camp!

The English Specialties of this week are Circus and Art. Yeah!!! It is time to CLOWN around  and to PAINT up a color filled week.
This week, the energy of the camp is Have Fun Today!! Yeah, it is time to have fun and to be happy and to be in a positive mood. Our staff has made this their moto and have kept energy high and entertaining.

We had two days of water games this week. Kids had the time of their lives splashing around in the small pool, throwing water balloons, playing with the hose, throwing water sponges and getting themselves wet and getting their feet wet in the water buckets. Everyone was laughing and having fun and living in an OASIS!  Enjoying every minute of it. Yeah!!  We gave a whole new meaning to the words  COOL DOWN!!!!

Since this weekly theme was Desert the word of week is QUICK SAND! The children had lots of fun learning different vocabulary words related to the theme. Here is a little bit of a story that I heard the kids create:

“The quick sand is moving! It looks creepy! You watch it move and wonder if there something is under the quick sand, what could it be?? A  crawly worm?? A funny looking snake with a big red eyes  gazing at you!! YIKES the worm rises from the quick sand and pops out right in front of you and BOO!!! And you jump back, looking so scared”

Staff of week:

Doug our Saint Lambert Coordinator is my choice this week for his dedication to the summer  camp. Every day he gives 100% percent.

Quote of the week:

One of the campers said a quote to me, I LOVE YOU MEAGAN!!!

This made me feel very good because I really like working with the kids at Langmobile English Immersion Summer Camp.

Child listening to a teacher on a screen
Happy teenager