DIY Fall Decor: How to Press Fall Leaves in 7 Easy Steps!

Activity By Jess Thodas
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Why replicate fall colours when you can bring natural autumn beauty into your home?

Pressing leaves is an easy and fun way to decorate your house for fall, and it’s an activity your whole family can enjoy!

The store-bought autumn decor is nice, but nothing compares to real fall leaves. Every autumn, Quebec has a plethora of vibrant changing leaves. Bringing this natural beauty into your home is easier than you might think and can make for a fun family activity!

To press and preserve these leaves only takes a few household materials and a bit of patience! So, let’s grab a sweater and shoes and get started on this awesome autumn craft!


  • Fall leaves
  • Heavy books
  • Wax paper
  • Mod Podge and sponge brush (optional)

Step 1: Take your children outside for a leaf hunt! Pick your favourite leaves. I suggest choosing a variety of colours.

 Tips for your leaf hunt:

  • Choose leaves that have fallen recently to ensure the best results.
  •  Choose leaves that have not been snacked on by insects or started decomposing. 
  • Choose leaves without bumps, curling, or major blemishes, as this will make pressing the leaves less difficult.


Step 2: Open a heavy book and cover both pages with wax paper.


Step 3: Place a few leaves on the wax paper on the right page. Give the leaves enough space to avoid any overlap.


Step 4: Move to a new section of the book (at least 40 pages away) and repeat steps two to four until all leaves are sandwiched between the pages of the book. If you have a lot of leaves, you can use more than one book. You can add more books on top of the closed book to increase the weight.


Step 5: Keep the leaves pressed for at least two weeks. It may be tempting but avoid checking on the leaves until this two-week mark.


Step 6: Check the leaves after two weeks. If the leaves still have moisture, return them to the book and continue to press them for another few days. Once the leaves are completely dry, they are finished being pressed!


Step 7: Use your pressed leaves to make garlands, make a centerpiece, display in the window, or decorate your house in other ways! If you want them to last longer, you can cover them in Mod Podge with a sponge brush on either side to seal them. No matter if you seal them or leave them as is, they will make a beautiful addition to your fall decor! 


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