Summer camp : Crossfit and Yoga

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Online Yoga coure with Langmobile

Langmobile summer camp 2015 is full of fun !  One of our star activities is X fit – Yoga.

A unique combination of two activities designed to encourage and support children in understanding the importance of a healthy mind and body.

Why not at summer camp. Both activities have amazing benefits for kids including increased flexibility, building healthy muscle strength, increased concentration, and perhaps the most important the simple awareness of how vital it is develop healthy habits around food and movement. To understand more have a look at what the specialist say:


Benefits for Every Child by Kaplan University health and wellness…


The beauty of yoga is that its benefits are available to students of every school-age group. For young students (4–6 years) yoga creates a framework for total body movement and gross motor development.6 Incorporating games, storytelling, and songs allow this age group to connect with the energy of the poses and philosophy of the practice. Children ages 7–9 years benefit from yoga by building on their gross motor skills while taking on challenges in strength, agility, and endurance, as well as cooperation.7 Benefits for those coming into adolescence (10–12 years) include creating a safe place to thrive, while their bodies experience amazing changes and their connections to social peers strengthen…read more. 8

If yoga is something you would like to start with your child visit Modern Parents to see how they  suggest getting started. or sign up for Langmobile summer camp if you are in the area and let us get your child started on a life of wellness.

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