Time for summer camp with Langmobile!

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Childhood is not a race! When children come to our summer camp we slow it all down for fun!

Children come to Langmobile to learn English but we understand learning and fun do not always go hand in had in the eyes of kid. So we make it our mission to create an environment where children learn as they play. We believe summer camp should be a break for children for the structure of school.

That is why  we promise at our summer camp-Summer fun guaranteed! We offer a way for children to learn English in an environment that is safe entertaining and educational. It is through activities that kids enjoy doing that the acquisition of the language comes naturally. Our current camps are located in St Lambert and St Bruno, and through partnerships, in St-Hubert, Greenfield Park, Montreal, Mascouche, Laval and Terrebonne.

Recently we have opened our programming for summer camp to include the age group 12-14. We will be working in collaboration with College Trinité in Saint Bruno to make this happen.

Our Team We hand pick our team from a diverse group of applicants. We look for individuals that have a formal education in either teaching, arts or physical education. All of our teachers are first language English with a functional command of French so as to provide a secure setting for the children.

Our team is dynamic and everyone on board has a passion for working with children. Along with their educational background our team is provided 40 hours of training from Langmobile to ensure the policy and procedures for safety and educational value of our program are understood.

Child listening to a teacher on a screen
Happy teenager