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How to educate?

Ahhh the question that is on every parents mind. I am curious what do most parents think about the meaning of the words To Educate our children for life.. I came across this Facebook post on Becoming a minimalist and I thought as a company that reaches over 3000 children a week it is our responsibility to incorporate this thought into our philosophy, into the everyday experience our teachers have with children.

Langmobile is dedicated to making life for children better. We want to take our responsibility to educate beyond the traditional definition. Join us in spreading the word…

I thought it was an appropriate moment to discuss this as the Christmas holiday has just past so for some a period of reflection may be in order, and the holiday of valentines day is coming up next week and it has been statistically proven that this day of LOVE is the most commercialized holiday celebrated.

It takes a slight change in perspective  to change the world! Let us start by changing the perspective of consumer-ship in our that perhaps theirs have a appreciation for love that is not demonstrated by how much money and how many flowers are purchased.

As a parent of 2 beautiful children my ideal for them was to simply be happy. But what does that mean? In my generation gift giving meant way too much. It was all about what you had and not what you received, if that makes any sense. So when I had my children it was vital to my success as a parent to show them the value of life of living of loving outside of the materialistic.

Have a look at this great website Becoming a minimalist and think of what  you and your family can do to create a better world and a simpler life.

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