Universal Language of Love

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Love is, or should be the universal language of the world. Why isn’t it? If I had one wish for today’s society I would wish that love become the new universal language.

The true example of love is lacking in our world today and that is very sad. We should be able to look into anothers eyes and read love when it is there. Love should not be foreign or misunderstood and should be the only language that all can communicate with out words.

But we have fear and for some sad reason that overrides love. Fear is a language we all know and unfortunately act on faster than any other emotion.

Love is communicated by actions. So I say lets make a to do list of love.

Be Kind every chance you get. We never know how a simple action of kindness can have a ripple effect over the world!

example of kind love- Smile at someone

Be Acceptance. Knowing our own humanity and ability to make mistakes should leave us humble and our hearts open to accepting other

Example of Acceptance love -Smile at someone

Be Tolerant. This seems to be the word of the week. Do we really understand it? Simply have the  ability to acknowledge others views, convictions or opinions  especially if  they oppose your own

Example of Tolerant love -Smile at someone

Be Respectful. Treat others as you would like to be treated.

Example of Respectful love -Smile at someone

Be Understanding. I understand if your eyes are blue and mine are green. We don’t question that. Well maybe someones path in life, especially if it includes choices we may not make, needs to be seen the same. It is their road to evolution and not for us to question.

Example of Understanding love -Smile at someone

Be Compassionate. Know that EVERYONE on earth carries their own weight, experiences their own suffering

Example of compassionate love -Smile at someone

As a language school, Langmobile is dedicated to teaching children languages we are also dedicated to teaching children love while learning.

Our entire method of language acquisition is inspired by the Social Interactionist Theory of language. Langmobile’s method is built upon the idea that language learning takes place through social interaction between parent and child.

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What is the right age to learn another language?

It our opinion at Langmobile we think it is NEVER too young to start exposing your children to a foreign language.  We have services for children that are 6 months old in daycares and preschools. Our English immersion summer camp invites children to participate 4-14 years old.  If you are unable to participate in our services you can still enjoy the Langmobile method at home by downloading  Kids Learning Languages on iTunes. It is free for a limited time!

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