Week 4 At Langmobile English Immersion Summer Camp

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More than just an English Immersion Summer Camp Plus qu'un simple camp d'été d'immersion en anglais

Week 4 At Langmobile English Immersion Summer Camp

Hi again, welcome back to another week of English Immersion everyone. This is Meagan writing back to you before I leave on my family vacation. Today I will be telling you what we are doing this week, YEAH!!

I want to start by saying that here at our “Camp de Jour Immersion Anglaise”. We have a lot of families that send their children here to learn English. But we also have a lot of English kids that come to our camp to participate in our English activities. Why? Because they are fun!  What I am learning is that those English kids have to speak FRENCH with the other kids during breaks if they want to make new friends. Just like the French kids have to speak English! So once again Langmobile is more then just an Camp de jour immersion Anglaise it is also a Camp de jour Immersion Français!

Doug the coordinator and me!

Another thing that you do not know about me is that I was born with a hole in my heart so I had to go through open heart surgery when I was young.  My parents did not know what was going to happen with me, they were waiting for hours and they were scared. My parents asked the doctor a question, is Meagan going to die but it did not turn out to be that way.  Today I can say I do have a gift, look at me now, I am talking, I am walking and I am writing to you even though I have a disability. I know I am not perfect but I am smart and unique in my own way. I wanted to share this because it is important to know that even though a child is born with a disability they DO have opportunities and should always try to go further than their disability. As for me, I will not let my own disability bring me down and not get in the way of my own success. I always was taught to dream and now I can say that my dreams are coming true.  Working with the kids and writing is my life-long dream and I realized my own dream all because I followed my heart.

This week at Langmobile English Immersion camp was another week of meeting new friends, smiling, being happy, being positive, learning every day and having fun.  It is what we do every day at the camp, every counselor like Josh, Adam, Nikki, Nikita, Maggie, Alizeh, Madison, Gillian, Amanda, Kaltlin , our assistants Alex and Jessica, the Coordinator Doug and the owner of Langmobile Nicole and Johanne have been encouraging kids to try to speak English. They have been putting 100% effort in every day. Keep it up you guys!! You rock!!

Every day is a positive day here at our English immersion camp, the kids are listening, the kids are learning and they are also making an effort to make each day, a successful day. GOOD JOB KIDS!!! They have been learning a lot of different things here at the camp, here are a few examples:

  • Making models
  • Making up stories with pictures
  • Treasure craft; treasure box & treasure map
  • Relay races with pictures, word games, the game honey if you love me!
  • Hurdle races, wheelbarrow races, handstand contests, Kangaroo races, Javelin throw
  • Making paper planes
  • Scavenger hunt
  •  Race in potato sack
  • Dancing
  • And having fun as always

The specialty of this week is Hip-Hop and Olympics, what a fun week it has been!!! I am so proud of all of you, keep up the good work, it is almost done you guys, Keep smiling!!!

This week has been really warm weather. Today for example: the sun is bright, the sky is crystal clear with a nice light summer breeze. Good weather makes kids and the staff happy as always. Speaking of weather, the kids always enjoy water games when it is really hot outside, the kids are having fun being splashed around this week, they cooled off and learned a lot of words in ENGLISH, keep learning every day.

The energy of the camp this week is GO CRAZY AND HAVE FUN WEEK!! YEAH!! GO GUYS GO!!
There was a camper who approached me and said YOU ROCK MEAGAN, and that made me happy and I felt good inside.

The counselor of the week is going to be Josh for putting in 100% percent effort encouraging kids to speak English and for making them try every day, GOOD JOB JOSH, KEEP IT UP, AND KEEP ENCOURAGING THEM!! GO JOSH GO, YOU ROCK!!! I alos want to wish Josh a great adventure he leaves for Haiti in 2 weeks to teach children there English!

Unfortunately, this is my last blog, I am writing to you, I just want to say thank you to everyone for making me feel home here at Langmobile. I will always have found memories of all of you, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK EVERYONE AND KEEP SMILING EVERY DAY, DO IT FOR ME!!

Maybe I will be back in the fall and next summer!

Child listening to a teacher on a screen
Happy teenager