You have been warned! Summer camp is messy!

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More than just an English Immersion Summer Camp Plus qu'un simple camp d'été d'immersion en anglais

Don’t blame us when you child comes home from summer camp messy!

We can not promise your child will come home as clean as the came to summer camp but one promise we can make is that we will do our best to assure your child has fun  at Langmobile summer camp. So please EXPECT White socks that look brown! Clothes a bit wet! Dirty hands , paint in their  hair! Markers on their shorts ans shirts! Sand in their shoes! To us this means we have done our job because we believe children today seem to have fewer and fewer opportunities for good old-fashioned play, the type that’s unstructured, unplugged, and very messy. These types of activities are good for your child. So when I came across this article Reasons  to let your kids get messy! on the website What to expect,  I had to share it because it reinforces the very theory we have around learning. So we can say if your child comes home messy  he or she did the following things!



  • Worked with a friend
  • Solved a problem
  • experimented with their independence
  • Created a masterpiece
  • Negotiated a difference
  • Learned a new skill
  • thought about math and measurements especially in min chef or science!
  • Had a great time and DEVELOPED A NEW LANGUAGE SKILL!

YES! It’s Langmobile summer camp … and we are aware of your child’s needs and interests. We spend time planning a challenging activity for the children encouraged the children to try new things.

It is simple and we aim to keep it that way! All children learn when they are actively involved in play…not when someone is talking at them.


Send your child in clothes that can get dirty! Keep extra clothes at the site for the times when the child gets really messy.

But remember, if your child comes home messy ….he comes home happy! Which means we have done our job!

Be sure to register your child while places last  at Langmobile summer camp.


Child listening to a teacher on a screen
Happy teenager