3 Practices for a Healthy Spine!

Education By Rosslyn Sinclair
enfant avec lunettes en chandail jaune derriere un tableau avec dessin de gros biceps en santé

The importance of spinal health and maintaining good spinal health is of the essence, especially because of the increased use of technological devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and video game consoles on a frequent basis.

These devices can all contribute to children having poor posture 

Spending long hours in front of a screen can cause kids to slouch or hunch over, which can lead to poor posture over time. The poor ergonomics of tech devices are not designed to consider the body positioning of adults, let alone our youth’s. This could lead to strain on the neck, back and eyes! But most importantly, technological devices can prevent kids from being active!

Technology can distract kids and discourage them from finding joy and energy from physical activity.

Here are three habits to make sure your child stays active, healthy & happy!

  1. Playing team sports and joining different clubs allows our youth to socialize with their friends and classmates in person. It is important for parents to encourage their kids to develop healthy technology habits and balance them with in person activities.
  2.  Regular breaks from screen time to stretch, move and maintain good posture can be done by playing team sports and being involved in after school activities. 
  3. Going on walks as a family is a great way to bond & make sure your child is moving throughout the day! Try to bring them out on a sunny day!

I always grew up swimming, playing volleyball, badminton, and horse riding. They have been great activities- I recommend parents exposing their young ones to different sports early on, to see which ones they enjoy, and spend their afternoon doing!


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